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Carbon Free Homes: Features, Benefits, Valuation

October 20, 2020 @ 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

California building code is evolving from general efficiency to emissions-reductions with all-electric, and powered by clean energy. It is important for real estate professionals to understand and promote how these homes benefit both the homes and the occupants.

Comprehend carbon-free home features and their benefits to houses and occupants. Increase competency in valuation and expertise in guiding buyers and sellers.

Learning Objectives

Recognize building elements typical to carbon-free homes
Understand the difference between general and emissions-reducing efficiency
Describe benefits of clean-energy homes including indoor air quality and energy savings
Comprehend why air tightness is even more important than insulation
Relate how families have realized health improvements such as asthma
Be familiar with current building code and energy policy
Competently complete steps in determination of value of solar PV
Accurately represent carbon free homes in sales listings and reporting to inform appraisals
There is a final quiz where attendees must receive 70% or higher to be eligible for continuing education units (CEUs).


Experienced appraisers, agents, lenders and related professionals will benefit most from this class. The class is designed for those familiar with valuation principles.


Debra Little, CEO of AjO