Latest Past Events

Applying Regenerative Principles in Your Work

What does it mean to be a regenerative practitioner? Develop new capabilities in yourself and integrate them into your daily practices. This interactive session invites participants to further develop and apply regenerative thinking at home, in work, and across other dimensions of daily life. About the series: Build It Green, in partnership with Bill Reed […]

Regenerative Development at the Neighborhood Scale

What is a regenerative approach to placemaking? Learn to see projects as nodal interventions nested within community and ecological systems. This interactive session engages participants in regenerative approaches to project development, helps unlock new potential within those projects, and offers new ways of experiencing the role of these projects in the world. About the series: […]

Advanced Framing for Energy and Resource Efficiency

Advanced framing lowers the material costs, labor, and construction waste, and leads to improved occupant comfort and smaller HVAC systems. This class covers advanced designs and construction methods for optimizing building enclosures. It enables architects and builders overcome the common hurdles of implementing advanced framing in residential and low-rise commercial wood framed buildings. Learning ObjectivesDefine […]